The Oven Brothers

"The Bro" series is the first ever "flat packed" high-quality carbon steel outdoor pizza oven of its kind. With its easy assembly, and the ability to be taken with you when you move; our ovens will last a lifetime. 

These pizza ovens are designed and engineered from the ground up based on an industry-first interlocking design which utilizes high-quality laser-cut carbon steel, and high-quality fire bricks. Allowing it to be shipped “flat boxed” giving easy, on-site assembly with no tools required.

All the outdoor oven kits come standard with fire bricks for the cooking surface, side walls, back wall, and roof, creating an enclosed, high-temperature cavity. Allowing the fire bricks to quickly reach, high pizza cooking temperatures, under normal circumstance.

The Original Bro™, and The Big Bro ™ are both offered in a raw steel form giving our customers the option to either let the oven patina naturally over time or paint the oven with high heat paint after assembly.  On top of that, these are, with pride, are a 100% Canadian made product!

No Tool Assembly

The Oven Brothers

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