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"Joe and Capital Appliance worked closely with us to provide the ideal outdoor kitchen design for our needs and space. Their attention to detail and selection of materials resulted in a kitchen that has proven itself everyday in all sorts of family and entertainment situations. From pizza for 4 to complete banquets for 25, everything that can be done indoors can be done outdoors. It is a tremendous enhancement to the enjoyment of our house and truly gives us another room. I can also personally vouch for the aftermarket service provided by Joe who went worked hard over a period of time to successfully resolve an issue with a supplier. In short, our outdoor kitchen is a focal point of our house, and I highly recommend Capital Appliance for their expertise and products."

Bruce Mayo


I was extremely impressed with the level of professionalism from each individual who had a part in installing my outdoor kitchen. You could tell they took pride in their work, which obviously was reflected in the quality of the finished product. I am very happy with how it turned out and am the envy of all the other outdoor chefs in my neighbourhood! The time and patience that Capital Appliance and BBQ displayed with me was incredible. Joe was always ready and willing to answer any and all of my questions and concerns. I would recommend them to anyone looking for an outdoor kitchen.

Blake Sloan


I am writing concerning a recent shopping experience I had at your store. My wife and I were doing some errands and decided to stop in at your store to 'window shop' for a BBQ in anticipation of forth coming house purchase. I had researched on line about BBQs and knew I wanted a Broil King due it's excellent reviews and the fact it is built in Canada. 

Having come from Canadian Tire to your store, I might as well have landed on the Moon. I believe your store could be held up as the perfect model of how to provide outstanding customer service. Every single employee was helpful, knowledgeable and pleasant to deal with. I especially appreciate not being pressured or 'stalked' by the sales staff. We browsed the BQQs and when we had some questions we ended up talking to Jordan. He answered a our questions as person who obviously knows his product(s). The two gentlemen who loaded the car for us were extremely nice, helpful, and efficient. 

I had no intention of actually purchasing a BBQ that day but I did. I am happy I bought it from a local business who knows how to treat their customers properly which unfortunately is a rare commodity these days. 


David Winter


I purchased a Napoleon Prestige BBQ from Capital City & Appliance and it has been the best BBQ I have ever owned. I always thought a BBQ was just a BBQ, what difference does it make what you buy or where you buy it? Well the guys at Capital City took the time to show me the difference and the benefits. I have had it for about 6 months now it is a dream to cook on and the food is incredible. I now know that there is a huge difference between various BBQ’s, everything ranging from even cooking with no hot spots, cooking abilities , accessory expandability, the quality in components and easy replacement parts if necessary.

The Service was incredible and their knowledge is second to none. I would never buy anywhere else after my experience with Capital City. Keep it up guys, and if you come across anymore of those awesome BBQ cook books, let me know! It has been a pleasure

Dave Brioux


I've just become an egg head! I emailed Chuck Shabsove at Capital Appliance & BBQ last night at 8:00 PM. I saw him this morning at the store at 10:00 AM and he had an assembled and delivered to my back yard a Big Green Egg by 3:00 pm the same afternoon. What great service!

Now I'm looking forward to dinner tomorrow night to celebrate my birthday!

Thanks Chuck

Philip Zunder


I bought my the Broil King Keg Grill (aka Big Steel Keg, Bubba Keg) from Capital Appliance and BBQ about 6 weeks ago, very good service considering it was a Saturday and the start of the Spring BBQ season. They help us load the whole thing into a Echo (yes, it fit inside) along with some accessories.

The previous year I had purchased an EGG knock-off from a big box store, very heavy, had to lease a truck to get it home, then three people and a ramp to get it out of the truck. Five weeks later it was back on a truck to be returned as the ceramic had fallen apart inside and a large crack had appeared on the outside. Lessons learned Don’t buy ceramic BBQs from big box stores, Ceramic BBQs should be delivered, buy high end BBQs from speciality stores for better service, and do a lot of research, talk to sales people who know BBQs. enough said, now back to the Broil King Keg Grill.

I had been looking at the Broil King Keg Grill, ever since my knock-off ceramic BBQ disaster, and my new BBQ had to meet certain criteria charcoal burning, griller, smoker, slow cooker, cast iron grill, easy to maintain, reasonable warranty, after purchase support and not heavy. The Broil King Keg Grill fit all of those requirements.

My wife and I had no problems getting it out of the car and set- up in about 25 minutes, the hardest part was sliding the upper portion to the base but we got it right on the second attempt. The only complaint I have with un-boxing was the enormous quantity of styrofoam padding in the box, but then again there were no shipping damages to be seen. Assembly instructions were very clear and concise. Greased all of the cast iron parts and fired up the first burn in as required in the instructions.

It takes very little charcoal to get the Keg up to temperature, as the temperature climbs, it will reach a point were the rise will quite rapidly (damper and vent full open), be vigilant. Controlling the temperature can be quite the art but once I got a feel for it I could set the controls for +- 50 °F. For slow cooking (real BBQing) two heaped handfuls of Charcoal lasted over 8 hours with bit charcoal left over, amazing.

The Keg is easy to move, much lighter than a ceramic unit. In side by side tests of the BGE vs BKK, the Keg heats up much faster than the Egg and the Keg stays a lot cooler on the outside than the Egg. http//www.barbecuesgalore.ca/blog/2011/06/14/the-race-big- green-egg-vs-broil-king-keg/

Claude Lacelle


I've purchased equipment from several different Ottawa Valley BBQ vendors over the years but my most recent purchases (2011) of another Big Green Egg and Weber Summit S670 from Capital Appliance & BBQ was by far the best experience to date. I appreciate the wide range of inventory they carry, but more importantly I appreciate the knowledge they carry and share with their customers. I know what I want when I go into a BBQ store and the folks at Capital Appliance & BBQ didn't let me down. You might save a couple bucks but you won't get the same level of service (or after sale service) or the same quality equipment from that pimply faced kid at Big Box Depot store. My business stays with Capital Applicance & BBQ.

Ian Bowen (www.tasteofBBQ.com)

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